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Trust is not easy to build up. To build up a trust is not easy.

some people betrayed trust, some people take trust for granted.

what to do when i trust people so much and they only tell me lots of bullshit and lies?

everyone is denying, no one is compromising
filled it with dirt, and soaked it in lime
in this procrastination, humans aint determination
selfishness and egoism, and there’s no reason
center of attention, center of defamation
there’s no one to help, there’s no one to heal
in the end, everything just end
in the split of seconds
of the controversy, into the injustice world

the end.

composed by: Chuah PuiPui


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When the clock strike 12 later! it would be 七月初七华人情人节~ meaning chinese valentine day so all the ah tiong will be celebrating their valentine day later~ hope the loves one will be sweet and lovely forever hehe~!


pretty pretty~!!


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fuck it man tis week not very good! damm bad~! die hard til cock stand! very sian~ really lacking of rest is not very good for me cuz cant concentrate to do things and lead to alot of errors which cannot be undone so die til cock stand! tml is surely a very blue blue monday liao kns.. si bei sian..

i decide to sleep til 4pm tml! i need time to rest and enjoy myself b4 i go in and sit~ last weeks to do and prepare all my stuffs and im going to sleep now! just now kaylene says she is coming to my house with her darling for free dinner next next week haha! hope she dont cheat my feeling!

what to do when 1 day u found that everyone was just lying and no 1 is speaking the truth and everyone is denying the facts

Picture 14

prettiest girl in the world.


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oh so many days forgot to blog! was too tired and everyday busy with my stuff and was just so tired. so hope to have a good sleep and how i wish if i could off my phone for 1 whole damm day and just sleep but i just cant lol.. sound like im doing multi million big business knn..

yesterday is the 1st day of 7th month! went to buy the package to burn to our good brothers!

P1000307 [640x480]

then went downstair to pray pray and burn burn and hope to have a good year ahead cuz its been 1 year since im seriously down with everything i do.. narnia eh dont say liao say more i gek sim more 😦

then at nite i go break 1 of my piggy bank to sort of $400 for my mother to pay the 7th moth bidding $$$. wa really is no $$$ liao P1000308 [640x480]

have to seperate the $1 coin all out and the rest to put into 2 more piggy~ need to resave again liao! so sad…

P1000309 [640x480]

400 pieces of $1 ! thats wat u really call a poor person! indeed very poor liao need to use $1 coin to exchange for cash haiz… poor thing me 😦

ok later 11 need to wake up again and i predict i can only sleep at 4am tml ! fucking tired!!!!


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Nabuey phua the smelly chicken pie teh kor eh narnia kuku jiao… donno WTF happen to stinknet again and its so damm fucking LAGGY now til i cant surf any web wow make me feel so damm pissed off man..

this 2 days im damm tired! always sleep in the morning and wake up before the noon! just feel so tired and just now so hope to sleep but cannot sleep again! really feel very tired! after tomorrow which will again be a damm busy day again i think tuesday i wan stay at home sleep for at least 14hours sia.. really feel damm tired!

i so feel like going for a vacation before im enlist but i got no $$$ leh~ anyone wanna sponsor my trip or lend me $$ go gai gai 1st before i enlist? enlist liao 2 years cant go overseas liao.. today i still tell my mother if i got $$$ i next week sure go china and play 1 week wan cuz china now the weather very cooling very shiok 🙂

wow i like the new Merz E-Class Coupe!! its so nice and the design is so swee!!

but i got no $$ to buy 😦

ok 4am and finally i can sleep!!!


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P1000289 [800x600]

when to watch UP in 3D just now at Cineleisure~ Super nice 3D show and very touching and funny and of cuz the ah boy who i like very much hehe…

very nice!!

me like the ah boy much much and the balloons balloons !

the next 1 i wanna confirm chop carrot wants to watch is


out in 27/08/2009~! 3D mode! confirm!!!

hope to go and swim tml~ gonna get up at 10am and have a real rest at home tml whole day~ and at night confirm is sure got something to do wan so muz have 101% energy filled 1st~

BPL are starting this weekend which is obviously im very happy and excited over it and of cuz tis season i dont think man united can win the BPL AGAIN so i predict it would be chelsea or liverpool season liao so dont expect alot from ferguson 😦

i dont understand why people will want to say and stay eternity where they cant resist from temptation, though everyone will get bored eating the same vegetables again and again.. dont swear forever if 1 cant resist to any temptation.. 人性丑恶,人容易写但难做,




suddenly alot of thing came through and i just thought to say wat im thinking about it now… human are really very scary.. u really donno who is good or who is bad to you… alot of things came through suddenly.. a spilt sudden that make me suddenly think alot of things that i am facing through it now.

ok end of blogging 🙂

直到那一天 你会发现

you will never notice because u will never see it.


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a very shiok breakfast + lunch with wee wee just now~ we had pizza huat eat liao we is si bei song song gao jurong 2 person $41.45 very expensive.

later im gonna meet her go town shopping and walk walk and watch UP! its been so long since i go walk walk shopping shopping with her kinda excited about it hehe~ say too much over here will feel shy wan… out to shop!

P1000270 [640x480]

someone sms me and tell me she is the lady with the blue skirt so bhb but i like

gonna get ready and choo liao