Home Alone

Posted: August 5, 2009 in 1

since donkey years when im home alone~ today is 15th mother go donno where to pray pray and cook alot of fried bee hoon + chicken cutlet + curry chicken but im not into so much of chicken due to alot of flem all green green wan look very disgusting. so must avoid eating chicken and shout too much.

everyday now seems so stress for me, need to engage for stress management course soon or i will gone mad sooner or later wan. i have to do so much for people yet people donno how to appreciate my help and landed me in so much problems to do and to solve. thats why its really never fair in life 😦

wally good

i like this pic very much and very epic!! thanks to STOMP! from this picture we can infer that the guy is touching and squeezing the girl neh neh til song song gao jurong wan~ see the 2 tiko face wow the stomper muz be very swee when taking this pic very nice i like.

P1000260 [640x480]

i just simply love ROLEX !!!

haiz big sweep tonite~ hope i will tio tonite to clear all my outstanding bills if not really is terminate my cable tv internet line handphone line and house phone line liao me very poor thing total owe them near to 400 but im only got less then $30 inside my wallet 😦

im a very poor boy 😦

how i wish my father is a rich man 😦 😦 😦


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