Posted: August 7, 2009 in 1

Went to play L4D at High just now! wow so fun to play after not playing for quite awhile! relaxing and fun and played til around 3 before coming home. tml gonna be a swimming day and chewy gum if having his off tml so plan is maybe to go and sing.

still considering whether to buy a car this few days, a COE commercial van Renault Kangoo or an OPC Chevrolet Aveo Sedan or an OPC Kia Rio all are 1.4CC car only, quite difficult to decide where OPC are to compare with COE cars~ OPC cannot drive during 7am-7pm from monday to friday and 7am-3pm on saturday and eve of public holiday. Really need alot of calculation to be done because if buy i will be supporting it alone without any help from my parent!

enough of the car fever~ hope is on saturday and sunday..

i want to watch UP! seriously… everyday see the advertisement on the TV tempts me so much to go and watch the little ah boy, the old ah pek, the cute dog and of cuz the many many ballons~!

i cant sleep~~~ i want to sleep~~

  1. Miss Tay says:

    haahaha.. i don know what to comment here..

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