Posted: August 9, 2009 in 1

OHMYGOD im so sad today~ because my slipper PIAKED~ and BICHA and then walked around 85 market with BARE LEGS how cool isnt it ? very poor thing tml buy glue and try see can fix back anot if not i also dont have money buy new slipper then i have to walk bare footed everytime i go out already very jia lat ðŸ˜Ķ

btw i found a JOB! oh damm~ now then found a job lol.. im going a driver for my uncle help him deliver frozen CHICKENS! tml will start to deliver for him so sexciting~ but im gonna drive his KIA PICANTO which is so damm small maybe try deliver for him if is good maybe he will ask me deliver everyday! and if not wrong deliver 1 day $20 😀

and 1 good news~ im finally going to enlist!! and CMPB called and told me september will be my enlist month but actual date and wat unit i will post to i will have to wait for the letter for the next 2 weeks~ wow so 1 more month before i go in yes sir no sir~! 🙂

friends are forever, lust is nothing, greed is ending, money is everything !

Happy 44th birdday Stinkapore~! ndp


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