Posted: August 13, 2009 in 1

wow after 5 hours of clearing and cleaning and throwing of rubbish finlly i clear til very swee of my table liao so happy! at least it looks so neat and tidy and alot of space to keep my stuffs hehe~! and 1 thing is the Magiclean Handy Duster is very good to use strongly recommand people to buy and clear all the dust away without doing your nose itchy! very good and im gonna to buy 1 more refill pack to use !



this is the new group call 无双女子乐团! watch them perform during the variety show on channel 56 oh man they ish chio and talented in playing those cheena instruments + western instruments~ and 1 more thing ish i like the lady with the blue skirt she is damm chio !!! me like me like~!

P1000266 [640x480]and i found this damm old cashcard while i do my spring cleaning! this tis is the 1st batch of cashcard that is introduced to singapore! muz keep it see next time got value put ebay sell as antique anot 😀

P1000268 [640x480]

“u shake ur fat butt i will neo wad u thinkin le..”

i like this sms by someone!! i think i muz take a pic of my post-spring-cleaning picture here to show her how clean and tidy is my table now!!

oh i am damm hungry now!!!

go go england go~ tonite got BECKHAM in starting 11 and england are down 1-0 now 😦 fuck.


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