Posted: August 14, 2009 in 1

P1000289 [800x600]

when to watch UP in 3D just now at Cineleisure~ Super nice 3D show and very touching and funny and of cuz the ah boy who i like very much hehe…

very nice!!

me like the ah boy much much and the balloons balloons !

the next 1 i wanna confirm chop carrot wants to watch is


out in 27/08/2009~! 3D mode! confirm!!!

hope to go and swim tml~ gonna get up at 10am and have a real rest at home tml whole day~ and at night confirm is sure got something to do wan so muz have 101% energy filled 1st~

BPL are starting this weekend which is obviously im very happy and excited over it and of cuz tis season i dont think man united can win the BPL AGAIN so i predict it would be chelsea or liverpool season liao so dont expect alot from ferguson 😦

i dont understand why people will want to say and stay eternity where they cant resist from temptation, though everyone will get bored eating the same vegetables again and again.. dont swear forever if 1 cant resist to any temptation.. 人性丑恶,人容易写但难做,




suddenly alot of thing came through and i just thought to say wat im thinking about it now… human are really very scary.. u really donno who is good or who is bad to you… alot of things came through suddenly.. a spilt sudden that make me suddenly think alot of things that i am facing through it now.

ok end of blogging 🙂

直到那一天 你会发现

you will never notice because u will never see it.


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