Posted: August 22, 2009 in 1

oh so many days forgot to blog! was too tired and everyday busy with my stuff and was just so tired. so hope to have a good sleep and how i wish if i could off my phone for 1 whole damm day and just sleep but i just cant lol.. sound like im doing multi million big business knn..

yesterday is the 1st day of 7th month! went to buy the package to burn to our good brothers!

P1000307 [640x480]

then went downstair to pray pray and burn burn and hope to have a good year ahead cuz its been 1 year since im seriously down with everything i do.. narnia eh dont say liao say more i gek sim more 😦

then at nite i go break 1 of my piggy bank to sort of $400 for my mother to pay the 7th moth bidding $$$. wa really is no $$$ liao P1000308 [640x480]

have to seperate the $1 coin all out and the rest to put into 2 more piggy~ need to resave again liao! so sad…

P1000309 [640x480]

400 pieces of $1 ! thats wat u really call a poor person! indeed very poor liao need to use $1 coin to exchange for cash haiz… poor thing me 😦

ok later 11 need to wake up again and i predict i can only sleep at 4am tml ! fucking tired!!!!


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