Posted: August 24, 2009 in 1

fuck it man tis week not very good! damm bad~! die hard til cock stand! very sian~ really lacking of rest is not very good for me cuz cant concentrate to do things and lead to alot of errors which cannot be undone so die til cock stand! tml is surely a very blue blue monday liao kns.. si bei sian..

i decide to sleep til 4pm tml! i need time to rest and enjoy myself b4 i go in and sit~ last weeks to do and prepare all my stuffs and im going to sleep now! just now kaylene says she is coming to my house with her darling for free dinner next next week haha! hope she dont cheat my feeling!

what to do when 1 day u found that everyone was just lying and no 1 is speaking the truth and everyone is denying the facts

Picture 14

prettiest girl in the world.


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