Posted: August 26, 2009 in 1

Trust is not easy to build up. To build up a trust is not easy.

some people betrayed trust, some people take trust for granted.

what to do when i trust people so much and they only tell me lots of bullshit and lies?

everyone is denying, no one is compromising
filled it with dirt, and soaked it in lime
in this procrastination, humans aint determination
selfishness and egoism, and there’s no reason
center of attention, center of defamation
there’s no one to help, there’s no one to heal
in the end, everything just end
in the split of seconds
of the controversy, into the injustice world

the end.

composed by: Chuah PuiPui

  1. xiao bai bai says:

    lame shit 😀

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