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Posted: September 30, 2009 in 1

damm im so hungry now but i cant eat anything now~ and only soup and porridge til 6pm and im gonna stop all meals and drink the stupid oral fleets!!! then thursday go do scope~ wee wee~~

and today i received an unexpected sms by someone whom i dont expect but hoping for~ though its just a few sms and a few minutes of phone call but im very contented already hehe~ the voice is still as sweet as ever~ and really just happy for that few minutes~ hope tml will be a better wan 🙂

its not easy to be a good guy.


split on a random day and bye 🙂

Forbidden Vergence

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oh blog oh blog i am back~ and im so so sleepy now~ lots of update now.. this week gonna be a bad week + long mc week cuz going day surgery on thursday so on wednesday i could get a day off and friday should be mc again due to the surgery. hope everything will be fine especially my poor gastric always keep give me problems wan non stop

and not bad i have been sleeping b4 1 everyday and need to wake up at 0555 and prepare to go to my camp which is at ayer rajah and thats damm far but no choice die die 2 years have to serve finish wan. army is like that we have no choice and hope to get my unit asap so i can start to plan for my part time degree course when inside army.. hmm…

now have to cut down on night life and going less of those night spot but seriously my eyes will auto switch off when it clocks 1am so doesnt matter where and when cuz everyday i will be so damm tired donno why think the body clock already switch back to normal human being timing liao so tired every night~

in life we may not have many frens but wat we need in life is true and good frens.. just a few will do


its very true.

and i got a flu now!


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goin in in less then 4 hours time! bye bye!
starting to count down the holy 730~
and the days goes on and on…


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guess wont be listening to tis song anymore.. it’s an emotional nite.. it will soon be over and gonna stop all the fun. another full stop of my life. so many come and go many that i had witness and its all the sadness that is the final episode. its the final 4 days and off i go and off u fly although u wont be seeing tis but all the happy memories will always remain within my heart.

在你迷蒙眼神里 彷佛才有我的美

lets not forget each other and im sure we wont forget each other 🙂
lets just enjoy the remaining days 🙂


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A very nice old japan song… cant remember its 7 or 8 years ago song but suddenly played back and not bad quite nice. nice tune and nice voice. can listen listen cuz its very nice 🙂

today is 09/09/2009~ a very holy day for those couples who are getting married in this so holy day. im not bad too cuz i will be meeting my dearest xiao bai bai aka tan kah ying aka joyful tan aka pinkish straberry. and other than her.. of cuz got my cute small head ling aka tan ai ling aka xiao tou ling aka panda eye and lim qian ru. we are going to celebrate my pre enlistment celebration in advance and hope tonite will be a joyous nite for us 🙂

today went back to my father place and we had a dinner with all my cousins and they are very good to me and of cuz lots of fun and laughter for the whole evening there and playing with 2 dogs and they makes me think of my little princess so much much ! hope they will organize more of the dinner outings and im sure i will be the first one to be there. im happy tonite becuz i can see love and care from the relatives

i wan to go and swim tml~


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Hello. Its still been quite a bad week for me.. a bad bad wan and lots of emotions and feelings were so mixed up and bad thoughts keep appearing and flashing in my head maybe there are too much stress for me to handle and problems for me to face when its just purely 1 more weeks before i go in to sit. I still had not plan for my stuff and this week is gonna be the busiest week for me to go and thats it.

thats what im planning:

7/9: do all my work, complete all required work that to be done
8/9: rest!! meet my father and maybe at nite to do my work also
9/9: work! and at nite to meet up with the poly mates to celebrate ruru birthday
10/9: meeting up with some friends which is definately..
11/9: chiong whole nite??
12/9-13/9: work and rest and maybe everything will be done and go cut botak
14/9: rest and emo whole day.
15/9: 830am go tekong pew pew pew~

lots of planning and lots of work gonna do. and of cuz i need to switch back my american timing back to the singapore timing which means starting from thursday nite i must sleep at 11 every nite and try to wake up and 6 in the morning to go catch spider. just like wat i am doing now..

i dont like people to use money to apply authority and thought can climb above people head. i believe in 风水轮流转,people cant enjoy success all the while and will not taste the bitter of hardship all the while wan. problems that consist about money matters is not a problem. i will remember this when some bitch says this to me, the rich says so and the poor cant oppose.

when everyone is pushing me to the limits, i cant just stand at 1 corner and do nothing, its time for me to take some action back before everyone really thought that i can take on every problem i got. i have learnt a big lesson this week, human really cannot be kind hearted, the more wicked hearted u are, the more success u will be in life and the more money u gonna gain from it.


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currently listening to this.. the day just dont get better..

a new slipper~ Havainas couple slipper with my darling.. not bad quite nice and not that expensive then my previous wan..

watched G force.. very nice and make me laugh with the music that they are playing! boom boom pow~ just dance and jump lol.. a good movie overall..

went to clark quay to slack but found out that fashion bar closed down liao so went to mic intro wan and had seesha and lychee martini.. nice evening out there and watch some dancing and enjoying the seesha very much~ but too much of it its not good

pop by cosy pub after seesha session and stay there awhile before mac and home. when reached home i feel very sian and totally no mood to be in.. bath and see see look look and cant sleep for now..

if everyday can be a carefree day.. i wouldnt be so stress about so much fuck up problem everyday

its just so damm fucked up!