Posted: September 9, 2009 in 1

A very nice old japan song… cant remember its 7 or 8 years ago song but suddenly played back and not bad quite nice. nice tune and nice voice. can listen listen cuz its very nice 🙂

today is 09/09/2009~ a very holy day for those couples who are getting married in this so holy day. im not bad too cuz i will be meeting my dearest xiao bai bai aka tan kah ying aka joyful tan aka pinkish straberry. and other than her.. of cuz got my cute small head ling aka tan ai ling aka xiao tou ling aka panda eye and lim qian ru. we are going to celebrate my pre enlistment celebration in advance and hope tonite will be a joyous nite for us 🙂

today went back to my father place and we had a dinner with all my cousins and they are very good to me and of cuz lots of fun and laughter for the whole evening there and playing with 2 dogs and they makes me think of my little princess so much much ! hope they will organize more of the dinner outings and im sure i will be the first one to be there. im happy tonite becuz i can see love and care from the relatives

i wan to go and swim tml~


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