Forbidden Vergence

Posted: September 28, 2009 in 1

oh blog oh blog i am back~ and im so so sleepy now~ lots of update now.. this week gonna be a bad week + long mc week cuz going day surgery on thursday so on wednesday i could get a day off and friday should be mc again due to the surgery. hope everything will be fine especially my poor gastric always keep give me problems wan non stop

and not bad i have been sleeping b4 1 everyday and need to wake up at 0555 and prepare to go to my camp which is at ayer rajah and thats damm far but no choice die die 2 years have to serve finish wan. army is like that we have no choice and hope to get my unit asap so i can start to plan for my part time degree course when inside army.. hmm…

now have to cut down on night life and going less of those night spot but seriously my eyes will auto switch off when it clocks 1am so doesnt matter where and when cuz everyday i will be so damm tired donno why think the body clock already switch back to normal human being timing liao so tired every night~

in life we may not have many frens but wat we need in life is true and good frens.. just a few will do


its very true.

and i got a flu now!


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