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Suddenly lots of nice movies out!

-Love Happens (Damm i want to watch this movie because got Jennifer Aniston~ But til date no 1 is keen or interested in this nice romantic love story so ya so just wait for dvd and buy it.. i just love the quote so much… ‘Love happens when you least expect it’ expect the unexpected?

-Jennifer’s Body. Its been so strange that no 1 is interested in this foxy foxy movie! donno why.. to see foxy in action is every men’s dream haha.. at least to me 😀

-2012. The most anticipating movie of the year after transformer 2! no doubt it will be the movie that i will watch at least twice? it will surely be the best movie of the year.. waiting for it eagerly!!

-Wind & Cloud 2. Support this cuz im a Wind & Cloud lover~ but not those addicts that think they will fly after watching the movie or comics.

it just seems to have so many nice movies but just seems that im destined to go and watch alone or buy DVD.

Im so tired~ 2 years of life really aint easy.. lucky good news is im posted to a nearer camp BUT next year i will be very busy with army stuffs and im required to stay in afterwards~~ so its like a good and bad news to me so im having mixed feeling now 😦

Alot of people live with regrets in them, things that we took for granted, then regret and after then we learn how to cherish, but when u tried to cherish it.. 99% would just be unsuccessful and there is no turning back. I dont wanna have much more regrets in life, there are already too many regrets that i had before..

i just hope that 明天会更好 🙂


and i miss my lovely bunch of frens~ how i wish we were still studying..

if trying to understand a girl’s heart was as easy as learn ABC, as simple as 123 😉

Just Pure Luck~

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New unit was not that good, dont wanna say out the where the unit is if not will get sued for blogging about army stuffs and the penalty is quite serious wan so cannot play play with it. donno why maybe its just couldnt get well with people over there, maybe still need time as i was just posted there and totally no one to talk to whole day for the past few days + the journey is so far damm long and taking cab back during peak hour cost me $24 at least and if tis still goes on i think i might as well go buy 1 BMW liao~

just hope tomorrow gonna be a better day, better hope from the officer and better people out there 😦
if not it just feel so depressing working there and  really dont have any mood of doing anything.
lucky tomorrow is friday..
i will try to accommodate the people there
im left with no choice
life still goes on…

if life could end so easily…

对彼此坦白 我们真的失败
背叛不是因为 就算承诺不再
爱的没了姿态 我会释怀


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a mtv just to summarise my day.. been so long since i got this feeling for the whole damm day !


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2 days leave seems like so fast going to end and i just hope monday dont arrive so soon! also didnt do much things for these 2 days just go meet father have lunch talk talk with him then home then watch my 意难忘.. the show which i catch for nearly 3 years plus.. and today is the finale liao.. super touching and sad ending.. and after the ending i realise something..

how many people can find someone who they love and yet the person to scarifice so willingly just for the sake of someone they love. and the show just teaches me alot of things in life and about life and about how humans do things because of greed. enough of the 852 epsidoe shows.. i will damm miss that show!!

life is just full of suprise here and there and the more we least expect.. it came out and the more we expect and hoping for it it will just pass by other back with us not noticing about anything it. i guess thats life and thats what our purpose to live and to search for the things we want in life.

i think i wan to buy an itouch. but i need to sell my creative zen xfi 2 out and my nano first so i could buy the itouch. so itouch will be my biggest hoot of the year liao and i want to aim it before my birthday hehe~

if everyone have to put their resposibilites into mine, then whose gonna bear my responsibilites?


What About Now..

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A very good 3 days break and tml will be the last day and off to army again. tired for the 5 days, rest for 2 days and the days just seems so not enough for me, just not like last time when i can get endless of sleep as i wish or i could choose my timing. but nevertheless i slept from 10pm on friday night til saturday 11am~ so cool man~ but im still tired donno why.

Yesterday afternoon still went to meet my father, cuz last week was too tired to meet him and we went to have lunch but due to the ulcer inside my mouth i still got not much of appetite to eat and so never get to eat that much and went walking around chinatown to buy some chinese kueh and egg tarts home~ durian session is a must everytime 🙂

Evening went to grandmother house for some gathering but alot of members went missing cuz all the cousins were busy dating so no time to drop by and have a meal only the singles wan went there, as usual the old people will play mahjong and i am busy playing with my small cute little cousins~!

then at nite go parkway play pool~ i think my skill is getting better and better so shiok~ next week i plan to have some games of bowling~ so healthy and fun and tml will go for some swimming and tanning cuz suddenly i found that i become very white white le. and of cuz tml will still got lots of things to do again. hope for a better tml 🙂

and the batam trip has been confirm~ and taiwan trip awaiting us after that. hope not much money problem for me ever please.

im not god, i cant bear everyone responsibility. im human, i need a break too. dont put ur problem into my problem. we learned from the mistakes, not to repeat the mistakes again.


oh i find that she very chio leh~! 😀 😀 😀

Rumba Rumba

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these few days were still good 🙂 starting to enjoy my vocation inside the unit and life’s quite good over there and only thing i dont like is the journey to go there but no choice also have to do the same routine for the rest of the 2 years inside. camp mates were good and fun, officer were not strict but dont violate the rules inside and we will have a happy life inside.

people who detest someone tends to destroy that one. how true is that in life? or rather if the person detest another, he/she will do everything and try all limits to destroy the good images that the parties produce in front of everyone. so now everything will be tarnish and drowned to the drain? there is no chance of explaining and must framed til the end of the life. 😦

Sometimes, love happens when you least expect it. A very nice quote from the new upcoming movie. i prefer romances  then prevarication. i guess those lies or rather misleading speeches are useless towards me ever again and i think that facing reality is more important then hiding inside the own world and enjoying the virtual world inside myself.

but who am i to judge u, for the things u say and do


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我很想爱他 但是眼睛在说谎
隐瞒比较容易吧 免得感情变的复杂
我很想爱他 但是理智在吵架
退出可以解围吗 注能给我一个好回答