Wedding Bliss…

Posted: October 7, 2009 in 1

few pics i got from ben wedding day~ before start i muz congrats the 2 newly couple have a blissful and happy way to go 🙂

still awaits for more pics to be sent to me so i can blog more of the pics here 😀


obviously this is 1 of the rounds to start off before we could break the door in 😦
and damm that wasabi for the morning hehe.


final output of me after getting the bride~ sweat like free flow and wet like no tomorrow~!


this glass is the most ultimate drink of the nite.
Red wine + Tiger beer + chili sauce + green chili + red chili = super duper good~!

and i lao sai the next morning 😦


all the brothers face were red red~ and my tummy is big big and we keep drink drink drink finally everything drank finish by us~


lastly a group photos of some of us. those frens those brothers and sisters and of cuz the cute + naughty xavier~

eagerly waiting for more pics to be sent to me! 🙂

side track abit…

i think a piece of mouth and ruin a person everything, especially when a person starts to dislike u and there everything bad about u will be spread around like how H1N1 spreads and its 100% confirm deadly certified.

in this world.. 人不为己天诛地灭 which also mean that every man live for himself/herself. in life people tends to overlook their own things as the main piority and neglects the surrounding enviornment.

i got no money now very jialat jialat jin jialat~!

received a couples of photos but gonna blog some other day already bye bye


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