Rumba Rumba

Posted: October 14, 2009 in 1

these few days were still good 🙂 starting to enjoy my vocation inside the unit and life’s quite good over there and only thing i dont like is the journey to go there but no choice also have to do the same routine for the rest of the 2 years inside. camp mates were good and fun, officer were not strict but dont violate the rules inside and we will have a happy life inside.

people who detest someone tends to destroy that one. how true is that in life? or rather if the person detest another, he/she will do everything and try all limits to destroy the good images that the parties produce in front of everyone. so now everything will be tarnish and drowned to the drain? there is no chance of explaining and must framed til the end of the life. 😦

Sometimes, love happens when you least expect it. A very nice quote from the new upcoming movie. i prefer romances  then prevarication. i guess those lies or rather misleading speeches are useless towards me ever again and i think that facing reality is more important then hiding inside the own world and enjoying the virtual world inside myself.

but who am i to judge u, for the things u say and do


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