What About Now..

Posted: October 19, 2009 in 1

A very good 3 days break and tml will be the last day and off to army again. tired for the 5 days, rest for 2 days and the days just seems so not enough for me, just not like last time when i can get endless of sleep as i wish or i could choose my timing. but nevertheless i slept from 10pm on friday night til saturday 11am~ so cool man~ but im still tired donno why.

Yesterday afternoon still went to meet my father, cuz last week was too tired to meet him and we went to have lunch but due to the ulcer inside my mouth i still got not much of appetite to eat and so never get to eat that much and went walking around chinatown to buy some chinese kueh and egg tarts home~ durian session is a must everytime šŸ™‚

Evening went to grandmother house for some gathering but alot of members went missing cuz all the cousins were busy dating so no time to drop by and have a meal only the singles wan went there, as usual the old people will play mahjong and i am busy playing with my small cute little cousins~!

then at nite go parkway play pool~ i think my skill is getting better and better so shiok~ next week i plan to have some games of bowling~ so healthy and fun and tml will go for some swimming and tanning cuz suddenly i found that i become very white white le. and of cuz tml will still got lots of things to do again. hope for a better tml šŸ™‚

and the batam trip has been confirm~ and taiwan trip awaiting us after that. hope not much money problem for me ever please.

im not god, i cant bear everyone responsibility. im human, i need a break too. dont put ur problem into my problem. we learned from the mistakes, not to repeat the mistakes again.


oh i find that she very chio leh~! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€


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