Just Pure Luck~

Posted: October 29, 2009 in 1

New unit was not that good, dont wanna say out the where the unit is if not will get sued for blogging about army stuffs and the penalty is quite serious wan so cannot play play with it. donno why maybe its just couldnt get well with people over there, maybe still need time as i was just posted there and totally no one to talk to whole day for the past few days + the journey is so far damm long and taking cab back during peak hour cost me $24 at least and if tis still goes on i think i might as well go buy 1 BMW liao~

just hope tomorrow gonna be a better day, better hope from the officer and better people out there 😦
if not it just feel so depressing working there and  really dont have any mood of doing anything.
lucky tomorrow is friday..
i will try to accommodate the people there
im left with no choice
life still goes on…

if life could end so easily…

对彼此坦白 我们真的失败
背叛不是因为 就算承诺不再
爱的没了姿态 我会释怀


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