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si bei jia lat~! every nite also cannot sleep. donno is it the stress i will face the next day makes me cant sleep properly at nite! turn here turn there from 1am turn til now still cannot sleep. du lan wake up donno wat to do. si bei jia lat si bei jia lat ah~~~

Lucky this week is a short week, thursday will have a half day off! swee~ so i still got 1 and half day more of nightmare to go and its weekends again! yummy yummy~

Thurs afternoon plan its to fetch my bb wan wan go hotel 1st and put her things then go and visit my aunt and sitex~ then rest abit then at nite go my bbww birthday with small head ling~then maybe a supper with my frens~

Friday is SURE to meet my dad cuz i haven seen him for 2 damm weeks! 😦 then should be is meet candy and go but the birthday pressie for that lil pervert xavier 1 year old birthday which falls on tis sunday! omg~ november is a birthday month!

Saturday is my cousin ROM! really is damage gao gao in my wallet~! then no plan for nite~ donno small head ling allows me to go st james with them at nite anot 😀

Sunday go to the lil pervert birthday and the week will end with FATIQUE!

then a new month awaitings… and looking forward to my 22 😀

life still sucks wth 659 left to go~ 😦

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Damm lucky today no activation~ but becuz i scare i couldnt wake up so i set alarm at 10am to stand by ! til ard 1 when i found out that everything is safe.. then i go back and sleep.. and a stay home saturday yesterday. tml gonna go see my aunt and monday and another week of torture awaits me! good thing is friday is a holiday~!

so fast 30 more days will be my 22nd birthday already` so happy~ but older liao.. the older we gets.. the more responsibility we bear. the more thing people expect from us

this year birthday also donno wat to do~ think save up the praty $$$ and buy 1 itouch since i wants it so much! and of cuz a DIY pc system in my biggest wishlist too . hmm other then this 2 things i dont have much le! to buy a car is not a wish now! its a dream and lots of hardwork to pursuit it !

660 days of depressed mode again~ can time just pass faster?

group photo taken that night~ 唱片大卖!


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elmo time

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爱过的人 错过的魂
曾经拥有 就是永恒

😦 😦 😦 😦 😦



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Monday tml again~ can the week end faster~ the weekend just seems so not enough for me.. end end end…last friday nite was so fun, happening and laughters only.. another dreadful week awaits me…


i need to post the 唱片大卖 celebration when im free!

to my dearest cutest prettiest baobei wan wan..
dont so sad and disappointed liao ok~ if u feel sad i dont mind accompany u go shopping wan but buy me LV ok?


cheer up k 😀



Emo Times.

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渴望着爱情的好 渴望被拥抱
小心将情绪收藏 比傻瓜还
傻 刺猬的坚强全都是假象

tml ish sure a emo blue blue tuesday…

hope to end tuesday soon!


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tml is start of monday blues again. this week was quite a good week~ hope to survive thru this week too and looking towards friday for the blonded girl big 21~ i think i shall name her blonde blonde already~ nice name for her.

and just now meet up with small head ling~ she still very cute head still very small eyebag still very dark~ a short catch up with her and more to come this friday!

alot to say but again i forgot wat to say~ november will be a damm budget month for me already, so many frens birthday.. plus my cousin ROM on 28th~ really is damaged big for this month

ok time to sleep! let me showoff my wallpaper for november!