30 More

Posted: November 22, 2009 in 1

Damm lucky today no activation~ but becuz i scare i couldnt wake up so i set alarm at 10am to stand by ! til ard 1 when i found out that everything is safe.. then i go back and sleep.. and a stay home saturday yesterday. tml gonna go see my aunt and monday and another week of torture awaits me! good thing is friday is a holiday~!

so fast 30 more days will be my 22nd birthday already` so happy~ but older liao.. the older we gets.. the more responsibility we bear. the more thing people expect from us

this year birthday also donno wat to do~ think save up the praty $$$ and buy 1 itouch since i wants it so much! and of cuz a DIY pc system in my biggest wishlist too . hmm other then this 2 things i dont have much le! to buy a car is not a wish now! its a dream and lots of hardwork to pursuit it !

660 days of depressed mode again~ can time just pass faster?

group photo taken that night~ 唱片大卖!


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