Posted: November 25, 2009 in 1

si bei jia lat~! every nite also cannot sleep. donno is it the stress i will face the next day makes me cant sleep properly at nite! turn here turn there from 1am turn til now still cannot sleep. du lan wake up donno wat to do. si bei jia lat si bei jia lat ah~~~

Lucky this week is a short week, thursday will have a half day off! swee~ so i still got 1 and half day more of nightmare to go and its weekends again! yummy yummy~

Thurs afternoon plan its to fetch my bb wan wan go hotel 1st and put her things then go and visit my aunt and sitex~ then rest abit then at nite go my bbww birthday with small head ling~then maybe a supper with my frens~

Friday is SURE to meet my dad cuz i haven seen him for 2 damm weeks! šŸ˜¦ then should be is meet candy and go but the birthday pressie for that lil pervert xavier 1 year old birthday which falls on tis sunday! omg~ november is a birthday month!

Saturday is my cousin ROM! really is damage gao gao in my wallet~! then no plan for nite~ donno small head ling allows me to go st james with them at nite anot šŸ˜€

Sunday go to the lil pervert birthday and the week will end with FATIQUE!

then a new month awaitings… and looking forward to my 22 šŸ˜€

life still sucks wth 659 left to go~ šŸ˜¦

  1. honeycaramel says:

    u fucker lo nv fetch me?! nv even mention my name!

  2. xiaopang87 says:

    opps i forgot šŸ™‚

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