It will soon be over

Posted: December 4, 2009 in 1

Suddenly this song pop up in my mind and since i got the feeling of blogging because tml ish half day cohesion again~ shiok.. but go watch the stupid movie ninja assassin and someone today me to sing rain rain go away and i still so stupid reply her that i dont wan tml to rain! so self pwned 😦

but tml will be so packed~ go for cohesion then finish le need rush to ICA make passport then meet father after do passport then meet alan to take my sim card after meeting my dad and i confirm saturday i confirm need a good good rest because this week i havent got a good rest til~

sometimes life is really unpredictable.. 人算不如天算,never say never.. never say ever because in life there is no forever. just like wat i said before.. there is an ending to every movie.. be it a good or sad ending.. a new ending will be another new beginning for the life..

the end.


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