Posted: December 6, 2009 in 1

Weekend are ending soon again! and thats so fast! wow~ nabeh wan tml gonna go back unit again.. its just feel so disgusted going back there~ but who dont feel disgusted except those regulars.. really feel so demoralise by it..

didnt do much today too~ just meet father for lunch and some durians then home, later go play some soccer and home to rest and sleep and prepare for tml~ thinking of tml really ish down down down down down!!!

back to the happier side.. went to st james with chio bus on a saturday nite, and i was cheated cuz 1 chio bu told me that she wear low cut muz need me go fetch her cuz her long kang cannot anyhow give ppl see then in the end kena cheated cuz no long kang spotted plus flat flat de nth to see wan 😦

me with ken and my dearest girl vernette nette and the chio bu that cheated my feeling.

all the lovely pretty girls~

finger licking good back of her~ lick lick lick 😛

wonder when can we have the fun and excitment again ~~ pii piiiii~


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