Not Again

Posted: December 8, 2009 in 1

as usual monday is really not a good day, a fucked up day. a day in the office machiam like shit. army is really see by ranks and the power of ur bootlicking, sometimes really cant stand the system.. seriously i understand why so many people cant bear the stress and just go commit suicide and do stupid things like taking 1 sar 21 walking around orchard already. dont wish to tok so much abt that stupid thing again.. really ish boiling.. really ish damm stupid.:( 😦 😦

then lots of stuff to do and recalculate which makes me very fed up becuz i only like to do thing once and not doing again and again cuz its just simply wasting of my time and holding off for me to do other useful things and things that i shall need to be complete.

came home.. more bad news.. this friday dinner at 412 restaurant, everyone must attend wan, then this year very special, my mother told me that all my cousin are bringing their GF and BF~ i know it sounds so cool becuz ALL my cousin are ATTACHED already~ nothing to shocked cuz there are 8 females and 2 males cousin only.. so if i not wrong its left me alone SINGLE so friday nite i will get to start to answer people like “WHERE IS YOUR GF AH HAO HAO” , “I THOT U GOT GF WAN UR FB SO MANY GIRLS” , “WA HOW COME U STILL SINGLE DE” . standard and im preparing to answer back them with 3 days left for me to think of a solution. but i think.. go hire 1 escort would be a good choice 🙂

goodnite nabeh phua chee bye.

a picture speaks a thousand words.


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