Happy 22nd!

Posted: December 22, 2009 in 1

Just feel so happy a few days ago.. and now.. it seems so depressing for me, just donno why its not a good birthday for me eventually.

so fast another year had past.. i still remember last year were so happy.. the most unforgettable is the 3 person suddenly come my house with 1 sushi platter and 1 small donno where de kueh and stay with me for 10mins then go le~ so cool was that. this year my birthday i dont plan to hold any celebration or wat cuz i find it that its quite meaningless already to celebrate anymore.. just dont have the feeling of celebration anymore

and my father is very steady, he keep insist that my birthday is on the 31st~ til just now then he called me and tell me ya i am 21st wan~ so funny and im meeting him tis wednesday again cuz im on leave and we are goin t oeat durians and makan makan also~ see him getting older le also feel abit sad~ but can meet him more frequent i also quite happy le..

and i watched finish 宫心计 already~ the show was so cool but the ending was quite rush~ but it was a damm good show! 值得排队 wan.. now hope their new blockbuster faster release! i donno wat to update anymore.. sometimes is really alot to say but log into wordpress.. my mind all went to blanks~

nice 🙂

  1. kaylenetan says:

    What 3 ppl go ur hse ?
    wow got ppl celebrate for u very sweet !

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