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Meet Me Halfway

Posted: January 31, 2010 in 1

Weekends are over so soon again.. monday again.. but on sidetrack.. it means 5 more days for the arriving for my hoots. A 5 days rest makes me feel so slack towards work again. but lucky next week should be a 4.5days and once again another week will be gone…

on friday nite.. went to watch MY EX and its quite a good thai horror movie saying about a guy who is a bloody flirt and the girl came back to haunt him and the girl he went together with.. a few scary parts but wat i feel scary is the sound and motion effect but not quite much of the story. still think that the best thai horror movie is shutter, til now i still can remember some of the scary parts hehe..

then yesterday nite went to RC wedding dinner.. he is a very good fren of me and of cuz quite a mentor and teach me alot of things . now he is married le feel so happy for him and always seeing people get married makes me feel so much to get married too! and seeing couples together happy happy i also so envy~

donno wat to blog le~ go emo time.. byebye..

monday blues for tml again…


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Why monday is always so fast to come and so slow to end~ Always feel so busy during monday and its like just only 2 days of weekend and suddenly going back to the unit i got tons of work to do again but lucky tis week its just only a 3.5days week for me!! and a bad news is that i cant take any leave after the CNY~ i think its because i am the only chinese over there so no 1 celebrates CNY thats why all do work during that period. Biased or injustice? i think its the same.

Last week really is the shocked of 2010 mens. just 3rd week of the month.. the economy crashed like shit and definitely is eat shit eat til lao sai wan. dont wanna think too much about last week! really ish damm down. down til i need to eat cup noodles now already. and the bad things is that CNY will be arriving in 2 weeks time.. that means more stress again .

hopefully this week can pass faster and next week faster arrived! becuz finally confirmed that on the 5th i can get my biggest hoots of my lifetime already!! quite excited and happy about it because i spend so much time and effort on it le finally no problem for me. pray that on the 5th i can go get my hoot liao!

its time to sleep again… its time to emo alone inside the room with my itouch playing kenny g music and let the music makes me sleep…







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Wa piang.. after a week of torture and 530am waking up! finally its over and i PASSED the course and quite happy with it cuz get to learn new things also during the course, and met some of my fellow bmt mates too. tml going back to unit le.. hopefully i wont kena the roving team so i can just stay put at 1 unit so wont move here move there so ma fan le.

Finally i saved enough $$$ to start planning to buy a car.. but thinking of everything will be using my own money, everything have to plan.. like the insurance, the monthly installment, the petrol, cashcard, parking and servicing + tax + ah ji pa lia stuffs.. if buy is hopefully can get it before CNY liao.

Secondly is i decided to go further studies already, really ish no degree no talk next time, but planning will be after im enlisted 1 year and when everything really get used to it and then i will discuss abt the studies..

life still goes on…


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Wat a day to start the week! for the next 5 days.. everyday have to wake up at 530am liao.. and the course only ends at 6pm everyday.. lucky there is 168 frm bedok all the way to woodlands so still not that bad for me! but too early taking 168 cannot beo RP chio bu already 😦

The worst thing is that i dont quite understand wat the course was teaching because i never done SA before not like other people over there! when asking my course.. i told my course commander that i was a CLERK in my unit~ then they ask why i come for this course~ but nvm.. go liao.. got promotion~ 🙂

today when i was inside the bus 168 frm woodland back to bedok.. i was sleeping all the way frm woodland til bedok reservoir and when i woke up i saw 1 couple hugging and kissing and petting~ think its frm RP wan cuz both got lappy on their hand……………………………………..

wa very sexciting cuz the girl keep hugging that guy then that guy keep touching the girl neh neh then pull abit of the tube then 3/4 of the neh neh expose out then the girl keep use her neh neh to bua that guy chest then keep touch here and there and the girl head keep facing down.. then me is look at them song song gao bedok interchange~!  and i think they were happily having their happy times til they didnt see me beside them looking at them~ wa song.. if everyday got this type of entertaining things to watch… 那该多好啊~  🙂 🙂

think tonite gonna sleep at 1130pm latest and wake up at 530pm tml liao~ now is time to go pom pom poo poo and go bedok interchange walk walk see chio bu le 🙂

Mob Mob Mob

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Finally the first week of the new year has past, damm this week seems to move very slow.. and time seems to pass very slowly although this week there are damm alot of stuffs to do.. imagine that next year i still have to do another year.. really ish wtf mood 😦 and plus injuring my ankle = totally not a good week for me because i have to stop my soccer for 1-2 weeks as told by the doctor so as not to aggravate the injuries more 😦

Next week will start my course already~ til now still nobody know i will be learning at the course because no 1 had ever attend that course before wan i am the first guinea pig to go there 😀 hopefully go there can learn some useful things back haha. and im so damm tired this whole week~ no matter how much i slept.. its still the same.. but now everynite im listening to Kenny G de album then sleep.. so shiok~

surely thats some particular music u heard u will surely think of someone correct? yesterday when a song was played.. a fren of mine asked me when u heard this song.. who will u think of.. some songs is really making me thinking back of alot of things and seeing how time flies and how time is moving so slow now.. just so different.. and those memories.. was just so difficult to erase from my life.

no plans tonite.. donno whether to stay home and rest or wat~

she is so cute~ as cute cute as her jie jie also my WTB~

Nothing Gonna Change My Love For U

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Start of the new year.. 5th day.. army is still very sian.. thinking of still got so many many months to go.. really will feel depressing wan the feeling just donno how to describe out wan~ on the other hand.. should be quite contented that im in a stayout unit~ and course will start next week and future will then know the week after next.. so boring.. is damm damm boring! 😦 😦 😦

i guess in life.. the more u try to forget someone.. the more u remember her.. the more u wanna give up everything.. the more u capture back lots of memories that cant be deleted. what can i do… i can do nothing 😦

this girl blow so well.. such a nice song.. so relax when listening to it.. just simply enjoying this melody…

Kaylene Tan Ling Ling –  Emo is a hard to cure illness.. Only the one u love can cure..

so true…

guess i wont have the happy feeling for the next few days unless everything can be solved and problems will be minimize and hope by friday nite.. things will still be good for me..

goodnite world 😦

*please watch the youtube.. its just so nice….