Nothing Gonna Change My Love For U

Posted: January 6, 2010 in 1

Start of the new year.. 5th day.. army is still very sian.. thinking of still got so many many months to go.. really will feel depressing wan the feeling just donno how to describe out wan~ on the other hand.. should be quite contented that im in a stayout unit~ and course will start next week and future will then know the week after next.. so boring.. is damm damm boring! 😦 😦 😦

i guess in life.. the more u try to forget someone.. the more u remember her.. the more u wanna give up everything.. the more u capture back lots of memories that cant be deleted. what can i do… i can do nothing 😦

this girl blow so well.. such a nice song.. so relax when listening to it.. just simply enjoying this melody…

Kaylene Tan Ling Ling –  Emo is a hard to cure illness.. Only the one u love can cure..

so true…

guess i wont have the happy feeling for the next few days unless everything can be solved and problems will be minimize and hope by friday nite.. things will still be good for me..

goodnite world 😦

*please watch the youtube.. its just so nice….


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