Mob Mob Mob

Posted: January 9, 2010 in 1

Finally the first week of the new year has past, damm this week seems to move very slow.. and time seems to pass very slowly although this week there are damm alot of stuffs to do.. imagine that next year i still have to do another year.. really ish wtf mood 😦 and plus injuring my ankle = totally not a good week for me because i have to stop my soccer for 1-2 weeks as told by the doctor so as not to aggravate the injuries more 😦

Next week will start my course already~ til now still nobody know i will be learning at the course because no 1 had ever attend that course before wan i am the first guinea pig to go there πŸ˜€ hopefully go there can learn some useful things back haha. and im so damm tired this whole week~ no matter how much i slept.. its still the same.. but now everynite im listening to Kenny G de album then sleep.. so shiok~

surely thats some particular music u heard u will surely think of someone correct? yesterday when a song was played.. a fren of mine asked me when u heard this song.. who will u think of.. some songs is really making me thinking back of alot of things and seeing how time flies and how time is moving so slow now.. just so different.. and those memories.. was just so difficult to erase from my life.

no plans tonite.. donno whether to stay home and rest or wat~

she is so cute~ as cute cute as her jie jie also my WTB~


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