Posted: January 11, 2010 in 1

Wat a day to start the week! for the next 5 days.. everyday have to wake up at 530am liao.. and the course only ends at 6pm everyday.. lucky there is 168 frm bedok all the way to woodlands so still not that bad for me! but too early taking 168 cannot beo RP chio bu already 😦

The worst thing is that i dont quite understand wat the course was teaching because i never done SA before not like other people over there! when asking my course.. i told my course commander that i was a CLERK in my unit~ then they ask why i come for this course~ but nvm.. go liao.. got promotion~ πŸ™‚

today when i was inside the bus 168 frm woodland back to bedok.. i was sleeping all the way frm woodland til bedok reservoir and when i woke up i saw 1 couple hugging and kissing and petting~ think its frm RP wan cuz both got lappy on their hand……………………………………..

wa very sexciting cuz the girl keep hugging that guy then that guy keep touching the girl neh neh then pull abit of the tube then 3/4 of the neh neh expose out then the girl keep use her neh neh to bua that guy chest then keep touch here and there and the girl head keep facing down.. then me is look at them song song gao bedok interchange~!Β  and i think they were happily having their happy times til they didnt see me beside them looking at them~ wa song.. if everyday got this type of entertaining things to watch… ι‚£θ―₯倚ε₯½ε•Š~Β  πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

think tonite gonna sleep at 1130pm latest and wake up at 530pm tml liao~ now is time to go pom pom poo poo and go bedok interchange walk walk see chio bu le πŸ™‚


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