Posted: January 18, 2010 in 1

Wa piang.. after a week of torture and 530am waking up! finally its over and i PASSED the course and quite happy with it cuz get to learn new things also during the course, and met some of my fellow bmt mates too. tml going back to unit le.. hopefully i wont kena the roving team so i can just stay put at 1 unit so wont move here move there so ma fan le.

Finally i saved enough $$$ to start planning to buy a car.. but thinking of everything will be using my own money, everything have to plan.. like the insurance, the monthly installment, the petrol, cashcard, parking and servicing + tax + ah ji pa lia stuffs.. if buy is hopefully can get it before CNY liao.

Secondly is i decided to go further studies already, really ish no degree no talk next time, but planning will be after im enlisted 1 year and when everything really get used to it and then i will discuss abt the studies..

life still goes on…


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