Meet Me Halfway

Posted: January 31, 2010 in 1

Weekends are over so soon again.. monday again.. but on sidetrack.. it means 5 more days for the arriving for my hoots. A 5 days rest makes me feel so slack towards work again. but lucky next week should be a 4.5days and once again another week will be gone…

on friday nite.. went to watch MY EX and its quite a good thai horror movie saying about a guy who is a bloody flirt and the girl came back to haunt him and the girl he went together with.. a few scary parts but wat i feel scary is the sound and motion effect but not quite much of the story. still think that the best thai horror movie is shutter, til now i still can remember some of the scary parts hehe..

then yesterday nite went to RC wedding dinner.. he is a very good fren of me and of cuz quite a mentor and teach me alot of things . now he is married le feel so happy for him and always seeing people get married makes me feel so much to get married too! and seeing couples together happy happy i also so envy~

donno wat to blog le~ go emo time.. byebye..

monday blues for tml again…


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