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je t’adore

Posted: February 19, 2010 in 1

Words cant explained
Action cant showed
Emotion cant described
how much i love you.

je t’adore

Happy CNY & V.Day !

Posted: February 15, 2010 in 1

Wow its another festive season again.. and this year was so special becuz the CNY clash with the V.Day ! And really a good times for all the family members to sit down and talk cock and joke and asking everyone hows everyone has been doing and surely of cuz the ang pow session and til now i only got 10 ang pows~ and this year still not bad.. dont have $2 wan.. minimum $4 and average is $10.. and my parents still owe me my ang pow~ and gambling session will starts everytime we got our ang pow but this year there was not much of the gambling due to the RW Casino so…. no complains after winning some $$$ 😀

What surprise me was this year valentine day i actually got someone to accompany me to spend the nite ! I guess is the good karma that i am receiving after doing so many good deeds or the  god that is blessing me with the luck i have! Its not easy for a person like me to hope or to have any thoughts of spending the vday with someone he loves so much before and present and future.. But just having a light and rush dinner and a movie for less then 5 hours really removed the 19hours of bad things i am encountering with. maybe its just because its the right person spending with in the specially right moment in this special day.

2 more public holiday to rest and catch up with all the relatives and frens.. then after that will be hard work and unlimited supply of sai gang for 1 month . still hoping for a better year of tiger and better of luck + better of health. And now its time to sleep already becuz my leg were numb after the driving of whole day! (including those stupid jams!) . I love tonite and i hope for more of tonite becuz tonite was a good good nite .

je t’adore

je t’adore

je t’adore

Week before CNY!

Posted: February 9, 2010 in 1

Very busy week that i am going thru.. surely is not enough rest due to the preparation of CNY and valentine day althou i got no valentine on that day ! Today a special guest came over and gave me my 1st ang pow! and im going to sleep with a smile in my face tonite 🙂

Final Judgement

Posted: February 4, 2010 in 1

早知道是这样 像梦一场
我能原谅 你的荒唐
早知道是这样 如梦一场
|让你去疯 让你去狂


Posted: February 2, 2010 in 1


Today was not a good day, or rather everyday is not good for me when im still inside the stupid force facing alot of people who i dont like! but no choice.. life still goes on.. lucky im still left with 3.5days only. but a bad news today is that thursday we have to say after 7pm! that means i donno i got time to go collect the car anot.. everythings just seems so screw up with the nonsense there. oh god!!

When u understand that no matter how hard u tried u will never get hold of the thing u wan, will u give up? or will u persisting in achieve it? different kind of judgment leads to different kinds of perspective ways on how u handle it. For me i really thinks is time to give up and spend more of the time and effort on my job and just let nature takes it course because i dont wanna waste so much time on something which i could only dream about everyday in my virtual world and an impossible target to achieve in my life.

its not about getting emoing over something insignificant, but its something which may affect my daily life, just like when u woke up everyday and not seeing the person u love beside u. its just such a pain. I think i better force myself to get some sleep before i starts to think too much again. i promise everything will be well after tonite and materialistic is not in my dictionary anymore again for whatever the case of will it be an important issue or an irrelevant issue. to me it doesnt matters any much to me.

Dont make someone your everything, because when they leave, you are left with nothing.

learn from the mistakes czh.. not to repeat anymore of it. u are not a dumb.