Posted: March 16, 2010 in 1

Finally a week that is not that sad for me.. but things still dont get so well for me but at least the minimum is its is improving! A very tiring week and emo week because work was so hard and OT for no reason and callback for work and burnt the weekends. but after next week i can relax whole year already.. auditing is really very stress… really is lin lao bu de bo lao beh.. just endure althou i am feeling so sick rite now~

and most likely i am getting the honda jazz already if the price is right and all the loan and insurance all approved. so soon to change the lancer to jazz le~ swee swee and hope they faster process the paperwork becuz i feel that lancer is not a good ride becuz of its small interior.. jazz interior would be better 😀 And on the happier note.. May maybe going Shaghai and after the world cup should be is go taiwan for tour and end of year planning for autralia trips! all the trips have to plan properly and plan my leave le hehe!

And september for school! hope so many planning means this year will past much much more faster! and i think im going to be robin hood again for this week. no matter how much i earn i still have to be robin hood knn.

过去让它过去 来不及
从头喜欢你 白云缠绕着蓝天
也至少给我们怀念的勇气 拥抱的权利
好让你明白 我心动 的痕迹

i can love u but in the end i choose the other way round.

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