Alomost There.

Posted: March 17, 2010 in 1

I just joined a new facebook group title : It sucks when you try your hardest, but it’s just not good enough. When u think that u put in alot of effort and hard work, and the other party just think that is not good enough.. u will dont feel like working hard on it again just like in a soccer match when u try so hard to get a goal and concede 2 goals in 5 mins.. u wont feel like going for a win or draw already. so thats another life lesson for me and i think i need to buy a few more books to gain more knowledge and gain more life lessons.

No matter what this time my determination must surely succeed and never ever get to look back again.. because of the amount of effort i harvested in.. i only get back those truthful smiles and laughter and nothing i could get back excepts heartaches everyday when i am thinking you, why should i be thinking of you already. i should be letting u slowly go and fulfill your dreams of conquering the whole world and i can only wish u success in no matter whatever you do. Placing u as the indispensable and irreplaceable is easy, but getting u out of this spot is difficult, but i swear i can and i will do it no matter to what extents.

After a day of discussion, now is thinking of who name to use to get the bank loan for the Jazz and donno when then all the paperwork could be done and get my own car! and i will miss this lancer cuz i just get so used to it manual gear and im changing him already lol. and all my holiday trips and may trip is 90% confirmed! going shanghai find a china wife back! -> this is the place where we should be going lol… go to the website can see alot of chio bu de so is surely go there can buy 1 pretty wife come back wan 🙂

been having so many late late nights this few days because of a decision i made i think i every nite couldnt sleep and just stares blankly to the wall and thinking of the wise choice i made. haiz.. what i can say is only this… 从此也不会为难你了,也不要为难我自己了。 you shouldnt feel awkward anymore because i will never make things difficult for u again.

不能握的手 从此匿名的朋友
不能握的手 却比亲人更亲厚
但所有如果都没 有如果
只有失去的温柔 最温柔

Its time for bed again after this bedtime bullshit story. goodnite world.


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