Ip Man 2

Posted: April 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Very nice movie! Watched it just now and donnie yen was just so good and is really a 9.5/10 movie! the 0.5 is he should fight more! The lesson of the movie is ” Everyone status in life might be different but the dignity of everyone should be the same.” such a good phrase from him.. And i have yet to watch the bounty hunter and the upcoming blockbuster movie Iron Man 2 . This 2 weeks got so many nice movies to watch and of cuz im 100% prepared for my hong kong trip already! thinking of finally can go for a vacation is really feel so happy!!!

And tomorrow im gonna go take back my necklace already. So happy also~ this week im just so happy because i know my ancestor are looking after me.. they know all the problems i am facing and now everything is settled and the feeling of debt free is just super 200% shiok! And so everything can start all over again and try to earn back everything i lost and have to put back to my savings.. i really used up alot for the past 2 months, hopefully to put back soon!

About the jazz.. i think after the hong kong trip i will be able to go collect it already, although have been discussing whether to buy another car or a new car but in the end i decide to take the jazz because i dont wan to have so much burden to pay now. 15k for the down payment and the 15k to bank loan so should be able to cope with it . And schooling next year is a must planning for me. 10k to pay and 13k to loan for schooling. everything planned so smoothly just hope everything will go fine please!

And im just so obsessed with this watch

the new rolex submariner full black with black steel! omg it was so nice and was showcase last week but it cost near $16000 so no no no money to but but so hope to have 1 ! damm sad! nvm i will own 1 rolex next time i swear!!!

ok gonna rest awhile before i wake up to watch barcelona and inter milan game 🙂

i should be feeling happy for tomorrow but something just stop me to being happy i donno why ?

ok .. a song to end my post again…


你說我對你緊緊跟隨 你覺得疲憊
你一句話就 逼我撤退
我忍住眼淚 我尊重眼淚

孤獨萬歲 失戀無罪!
我對於人性早有預備 還不算太黑
獨身萬歲 失戀無罪!
愛不夠愛你的人 才受罪
用過去悲傷換來自由 難道不珍貴
一個人崩潰 不是在犯罪.

Goodnight .


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