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Again and again…

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Hi im back after 2nd day of the long weekends and damm weekends just end so fast! And 2 more days to rest and enjoy before another bored damm new week begins..

Everything locks up for a reason, be it your room, your house or your bicycle, and was just like my post, i lock it because it was not something that couldn’t be seen but its something i don’t wish people to sees and so asking me for the password is also useless because me myself don’t even remember what the password is already. It was just something very random that i thought of and hence just scribble just bullshit in and just lock it and post it and it sounds really quite fun doing this type of thing! Maybe i shall lock more of my post in the near future already 🙂

Sex & The City 2 was just so good be it a movie for those ladies who drools when seeing the latest fashion clothing or the guys who drools when seeing the sexy pretty ladies in the show, the story is just so so nice and i doubt that there will be a Sex 3 coming up again! and so most of the 2010 movies that i wanted to watch it i had already done it so its still quite a accomplished task for me already and i really like how Carrie and her husband ‘Mr Big’ marriage life, and the 4 ladies life! good good movie!

as usual.. i got alots to say but i don’t know where to start from…

maybe my next topic will be about soul-mate & lovers , i need to find inspiration before i pen down!

its a long day for me tomorrow. need a good rest already good night 🙂


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What will you do if you saw a girl who looks so much just like the one you once loved? what will you do? how far will you go? will you approach her? will the feeling came back again? Will it changed everything? thoughts and thoughts…

im so tired to discuss anything now. Cohesion tomorrow and thank god its another long weekends!

Love is a way of travel, not a destination 🙂

Protected: Im Lost

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Be Back Later

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Just heard a love story from Class 95, although tonight was not love story, it was like a sad broke up story. Somehow after i heard about his story i felt sorry for him or rather will feel sad with him. I like the last part he wrote in.. Not every relationship was the fault from the men, and sometimes the man just want to know the truth and doesn’t like the feeling of being betrayed or being treated like a fool til he was the last man to know when the whole world knew about it, Paul was just such a guy who put in so much and was just so much ‘injustices’ happened to him but in love there were no right or wrong anyway 😦

I feel like writing how his story but some sort of feeling pull me back from writing it maybe i am too tired to write it out, actual plan was to write some reflections from these 2 days, i was thinking what happened to me? What was I thinking? This road have been gone so long, enduring 2 difficult moments and now it should be a smooth sailing sea but somehow the current was just too strong for me to react, maybe I always prepare to face the worst rather then to work it all til the worst really came upon me. But I believe that in life, you just put in your effort and hard work to it, no matter what’s the outcome you will not be regret. Maybe some occasion i was thinking why this could happen to me? i could just enjoy a happy carefree life and rather then making myself feel so devastated when i read about your news, sometimes i will know that now is really the time to let it go, let it go and who knows that letting go might not be a bad thing or may be a good things to work out for the both of us.

Problems arise when Positive thoughts is < Negative thoughts , positive thoughts makes us go longer and gave us the morale to put 100% of effort in the competition but when negative thoughts starts to knock our heart, we tends to lose hope, lose faith and lose the courage of continue to walk through the dark forest. But we can’t expect to have all the positive every time because there will be a time when the sun will fall to dark. What i was trying to explain is that sometimes is not that i have more negative thoughts then positive but its the true hard facts that is drowning me into the sea, my feeling was just like Paul, we just need to hear the true and we don’t wish to be a fool in the web of love.

Maybe from the past relationship that happened to me, a guy that cross into a relationship and thus making that relationship into a failure, which will gave me a phobia to go into love again especially knowing the girl was in a relationship, i don’t like people to cross into people relationship and of cause i will not be an idiot to do this type of things that’s why it makes me like to retreat more then to going forward towards a girl, and of cause know whats the limit of me, im not a rich guy, im not a handsome guy, im not a guy who can give a security to a girl, but im definitely a guy who could gave his everything to the girl he loves. Maybe this is call foolish maybe this is call stupid but at the end of the day people will only say love is blind love is foolish love is stupid and blah blah blah…

Maybe im destined not to have such a good girl in my life, maybe god don’t want to give me such a good girl or is there a better girl out there for me to grab? no one knows.. but at least i hope to know from god is that , if there is really no ending, please let all these suffering ends. A storybook without an ending is not a storybook anymore, a movie without an ending is not a movie anymore, a love without an ending is not call love anymore. And here im done with my bullshit yet again.

Love is a simple 4 words yet a thousands and thousands meaning towards the word. A song to end this tired and dreadful day. Goodnight everyone 🙂 . TGIF tomorrow.. a good day to plan for a night-out with the person in your mind tonight right? Yes i hope so…

Better In Time

Thought I couldn’t live without you
It’s gonna hurt when it heals too
It’ll all get better in time
Even though I really love you
I’m gonna smile ’cause I deserve to
It’ll all get better in time

Since there’s no more you and me
It’s time I let you go so I can be free
And live my life how it should be
No matter how hard it is, I’ll be fine without you
Yes, I will


Happy Barkday

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Today is my pretty cute late princess bark bark day~

I only got this picture in my HDD~ Hope you are doing fine in the heaven with your fellow shitzu mates!

loves loves u my wifey wifey~


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Hey yo, heard over class 95 today and found out that Sex And The City 2 will be out worldwide on 27 May. That’s 1 movie that i will surely go and watch! Part 1 was so nice how can i miss the part 2 rite? Sarah Jessica Parker was just so awesome inside the movie and hope she don’t fails in the part II ! Was blogging about this movie til suddenly i remember who i went to watch with, then somehow i felt that its the accompany that makes me feels this movie even greater but don’t pin hope to watch with the same company again yet :p and who knows maybe i need to buy a DVD to stay and home to watch alone because there was no one to watch with ha 😀

But not bad at least i had watched IP Man 2 and Iron Man 2 already which is very good for me. although Bounty Hunter and Back Up Plan was a disappointment, back up plan was disappointed because i was about to book the tickets and no 1 seems interested and needless to say the bounty hunter was truly a let-down because things turn out to be the most unexpected scenarios so let’s keep why and just move on, at the end of the day its just only a movie so there’s not big deal to argue or discuss about it 🙂

Apart from these movies, i don’t think there are that much of good movies that i will watch… hmmm… nightmare on elm street?? I just i just have to find the company to watch first before i could decide which movie i want to watch! And 9 more days to my Hong Kong trip already and yet i still have not go prepare all my stuffs and change the currency.. thinking how much to bring there.. 1500? 1000 to spend at hong kong and 500 at macau casino ? I also hope to buy some RPL polo tees from there, i saw their new design and was so nice.. especially the Germany country polo i so want to get it! Just cant wait to go yet no money to go.. so contradicting…

Ok its a short week this week, Monday Wednesday and Friday all half day, so only tomorrow and Thursday will need to work 1 full day and awaiting for this week biggest horse racing event of the year and to see rocket man in action again 😀

Right leg muscle don’t feel that good already, guess im going for an early sleep tonight since there is nothing to do or maybe modern warfare 2 awhile first. Til then, an old song of jay chou for the night and bye bye people hope you all are feeling happy 🙂 🙂

Saying sorry to the person you love does not mean you are a loser, its just that it shows that you put love above your personal ego. That’s why i gotta say, Sorry I Love You and I truly means what i said. 🙂