Posted: May 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hey yo, heard over class 95 today and found out that Sex And The City 2 will be out worldwide on 27 May. That’s 1 movie that i will surely go and watch! Part 1 was so nice how can i miss the part 2 rite? Sarah Jessica Parker was just so awesome inside the movie and hope she don’t fails in the part II ! Was blogging about this movie til suddenly i remember who i went to watch with, then somehow i felt that its the accompany that makes me feels this movie even greater but don’t pin hope to watch with the same company again yet :p and who knows maybe i need to buy a DVD to stay and home to watch alone because there was no one to watch with ha 😀

But not bad at least i had watched IP Man 2 and Iron Man 2 already which is very good for me. although Bounty Hunter and Back Up Plan was a disappointment, back up plan was disappointed because i was about to book the tickets and no 1 seems interested and needless to say the bounty hunter was truly a let-down because things turn out to be the most unexpected scenarios so let’s keep why and just move on, at the end of the day its just only a movie so there’s not big deal to argue or discuss about it 🙂

Apart from these movies, i don’t think there are that much of good movies that i will watch… hmmm… nightmare on elm street?? I just i just have to find the company to watch first before i could decide which movie i want to watch! And 9 more days to my Hong Kong trip already and yet i still have not go prepare all my stuffs and change the currency.. thinking how much to bring there.. 1500? 1000 to spend at hong kong and 500 at macau casino ? I also hope to buy some RPL polo tees from there, i saw their new design and was so nice.. especially the Germany country polo i so want to get it! Just cant wait to go yet no money to go.. so contradicting…

Ok its a short week this week, Monday Wednesday and Friday all half day, so only tomorrow and Thursday will need to work 1 full day and awaiting for this week biggest horse racing event of the year and to see rocket man in action again 😀

Right leg muscle don’t feel that good already, guess im going for an early sleep tonight since there is nothing to do or maybe modern warfare 2 awhile first. Til then, an old song of jay chou for the night and bye bye people hope you all are feeling happy 🙂 🙂

Saying sorry to the person you love does not mean you are a loser, its just that it shows that you put love above your personal ego. That’s why i gotta say, Sorry I Love You and I truly means what i said. 🙂

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