Again and again…

Posted: May 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hi im back after 2nd day of the long weekends and damm weekends just end so fast! And 2 more days to rest and enjoy before another bored damm new week begins..

Everything locks up for a reason, be it your room, your house or your bicycle, and was just like my post, i lock it because it was not something that couldn’t be seen but its something i don’t wish people to sees and so asking me for the password is also useless because me myself don’t even remember what the password is already. It was just something very random that i thought of and hence just scribble just bullshit in and just lock it and post it and it sounds really quite fun doing this type of thing! Maybe i shall lock more of my post in the near future already 🙂

Sex & The City 2 was just so good be it a movie for those ladies who drools when seeing the latest fashion clothing or the guys who drools when seeing the sexy pretty ladies in the show, the story is just so so nice and i doubt that there will be a Sex 3 coming up again! and so most of the 2010 movies that i wanted to watch it i had already done it so its still quite a accomplished task for me already and i really like how Carrie and her husband ‘Mr Big’ marriage life, and the 4 ladies life! good good movie!

as usual.. i got alots to say but i don’t know where to start from…

maybe my next topic will be about soul-mate & lovers , i need to find inspiration before i pen down!

its a long day for me tomorrow. need a good rest already good night 🙂

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