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Just… another…

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Im halfway through my soul mate and lovers post.. I just couldn’t get more inspiration from it and thus it makes me more difficult to write about it and I had already spend 3 nights writing it already believe anot i just complete less then 3 paragraph! so disappointing and i hope to complete the whole thing by tomorrow!

Sidetrack abit, suddenly feel so moody after dinner.. sometimes people just look at the surface and they like to judge through the surface, they don’t care whats deep inside the problems we were facing, that’s why i say sometimes what you see may not be true, i don’t know how to explain and problems i am facing is much more difficult for people to handle it, so please don’t see that i am living very well, i’m also human, i work hard for what i have today, not by robbing the bank thanks.

Sometimes people regret their decision, i also will somehow regret the decision i made, but since the decision were made by us then we shouldn’t feel so sorry about that, if were to count all the regret decision i have made, i could build a mountain already. So try not to look back, look ahead for a better tomorrow.

And damm God please let tomorrow pass it faster! It will be best if tomorrow never comes can?

I just hope to go back to the usual place again for some drinks! I hope to get drunk and forget about everything and anything, If u ask me why i work so hard why i put so much effort… i can only answer you.. i work for a motive and i work for a miracle and a chance… amen

Britney Spears – Everytime …Lazy to post the video but hearing this song let me feels the emoness tonight.

Goodnight. 😦 😦