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My heart will go on

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today is father birthday, just a simple yet good dinner at Jumbo~ My father enjoyed, we enjoyed and i just feel so good over tonight dinner~! 🙂

And i lost a bet today~ it seems like its not the first time i lost but today dont know why i lost but i still feel happy haha..

Life still goes on and i am still counting down.. 723 more days.. how long more can this dream goes on ? can tis 723 days really be a nice sweet dream for me ? sometimes i just hope i don’t get the best because im not worthy but just don’t give me a bad.. i pray for a better one~

ok tonight was not supposed a night to get emo.. let’s get happy because tomorrow half day and friday half day~ i gonna go for some swim!

i really want to slim down… I SWEAR!

suddenly this song played at my itunes and i just repeat it 5 times…

723.. how i wish it only left 23…