Posted: June 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Somehow today was really not a good day, maybe Monday really dislike me. And maybe people were correct, it’s time i took a break from these nonsense, a 2 weeks escape from it will be nice ? But that will greatly affect my income but it might save a lot in my budget .Ya its contradicting but that’s life, and sometimes i said i want to stop and i want to stop, in the end Monday become another headache for me. Just forget it, i want to forget today, but not definitely not tonight.  The accompany from bedok to bukit batok and bukit batok to woodlands is real nice! Sometimes is just the person who u wish to talk to will only makes u feel better and i’m definitely feeling so good after a bad bad day.

Life isn’t great to have someone by your side sharing your ups and downs ?
Life isn’t great if you have someone to talk to you side by side by the beach enjoying the sea breeze ?
Life isn’t great if you can hear the voice of the girl in your heart talking to u ?
Life isn’t great if you could see someone you long-ed yearned for everyday ?
Life isn’t great if you could have someone you love so much walking down the path of life with you ?

How do you determine your great way of life ?

Yesterday while i was reading some forums and i came across this photo, it’s call the Cartier Love White Gold W/Diamond. I feel that this ring looks so awesome and cool if any girl wears it on her hand…

i feel like asking for the price but i got no money even to buy the Cartier box still wanna buy the ring 😦

How true it’s this sentence: ” You can love without getting but you can’t love without giving ” ,
Loves is just about give and take….. can i take and capture it??


No matter what, no matter how long, i will always be waiting for you.

I just hope tomorrow will be a better day and the rest of the week will be good.

Goodnight 😦


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