IMPRESSED is the word to go on…

Posted: July 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Finally today  i roughly know what i want to pen down already, but before i start i want to warn that this post is strictly written for fun and no bad remarks or targeting any person weak point.

In life we always seek for our happiness, be it our long term life happiness or the short term temporary happiness, but how many of the people can truly find their happiness seek their own and pursuit their true happiness.
Happiness: We define happiness as in living in our life everyday with joy and without any unhappy things we have to go through, everyday in a happy mood.

But in order to seek the happiness in life, we have to seek the special one to who can give u your true happiness, i guess everyone will found their special one 1 day eventually, it may applies to me too, but sadly for me what i could say its a short term happiness for me, in order to get long term happiness u need to make the other half of you feels happy everyday.

Another way is to enjoy is to choose the short term happiness in life, but we always asked ourselves, how long can this happiness last? 1 month? 6 months? 1 year? wait til the other party finds his/her true happiness? If let’s says waiting for he/her to find his/her true happiness this means that whatever laughter you 2 gone through are not truly happy, am i correct?

So conclusion have you found your true happiness? how to define your own happiness? Are you really feeling happy?

I guess i have found my own happiness but it can never be a long term happiness for me, a rather quite short happiness, need to wake up from the sweet dream anytime anyday just like a bomb.. it just blast without any warning and it just feel hurts after bombing..

So ask yourself today, have you found your own happiness? can u find your true happiness? are u really happy?

It takes 3 words, 7 letters to say I LOVE YOU but it takes an infinity to understand whats the meaning.


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