I had a dream…

Posted: July 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Everyone has a dream, a dream can be something u longed for, u wish for, u hope for, u want for. Another is a dream where u are inside an illusion world when u are sleeping and the things u go through or u are enjoying or hating it. For me i had a dream which i quite hated when i was sleeping in camp today, the story goes like this, ok for security purpose and to hide the victim identity i will not name it out.

Ok it goes like this, i dream about a guy and a girl, the guy loves the girl but in the end the girl choose to hold another guy hand and just walk away from the guy, the guy feels very heartache until he dont wish to wake up from the dream, he tries to do something to stop it happen but in the end he was awake with a shock and comes to think about, it was just a stupid dream. Some people always says hope the dreams will come true but this time round somehow i hope the dream can never came true again, its always very hurting to see someone u love holding another one hand and walks towards to u and say hi to u. Sometimes its the past that will hurt us, but to me, everything is past tense, i dont care about the past, i am looking forward to the present tense and the present continuous tense in my life.

All the had, was, were, and -ed should gone, i only care about to, am, is, and -ing and more ing with u only, and just hope that bloody dream will never come true please!

And it was always said that if we think and miss that person too much, we will dream about him/her ? How true is it?

Ok serious topic, running is not fun, the least exciting thing i like to do, but to slim down is my target and oh i forget to say that i lost 3kg in less then a month! Its a good and motivating start for me, determination is very important for me now, i hope for more determination to spurs me to go on and on.. let me down to a L and i will be happy! And its time to sleep… tomorrow a half day and friday is on LEAVE ! super shiok~! 🙂

Love is bitter sweet, it just whether u wanna make it a sweet or bitter love.

For me i will choose the sweet because i know one will go all out and make lots of effort just to make the other party smile, i just hope i could be the guy who can make u smile everyday.

enough of the emoing, a song to end my post.

You can make me whole again….

it seems like my life will be in pieces without you .


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