Its the same old dream..

Posted: July 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Its the usual dream that haunt me from my sleep, so its this a sign to me already or its just me feeling too tired til i could dreamed the same things for 3 straight nights? Or its time to go for some sleeping study to figure why this dream keep happens and happens when i am sleeping. It’s definitely not a good thing when i can’t have enough sleep and i guess temperament will arise more rapidly then u can imagine. So how should i respond to this dream? Enlighten me please.

Came across this piece of article from and rather feels what the article says its quite true. Here’s what it says…

1. Denial – The “No, not me” stage.

This stage is filled with disbelief and denial. If your partner has died you still expect him to walk through the door. If your partner has asked for a break-up you think that she will change her mind.

2.Anger/Resentment – The “Why me?” stage.

Anger at the situation, your partner and others are common. You are angry with the other person for causing the situation and for causing you pain. You might feel anger at your deceased partner for dying. You may feel anger at your partner for asking for a divorce and breaking up the family.

3. Bargaining – The “If I do this, you’ll do that” stage.

You try to negotiate to change the situation. If you’ve lost a spouse to death you might bargain with God, “I’ll be a better person if you’d just bring him back”. You might approach your partner who is asking for the break-up and say “If you’ll stay I’ll change”.

4. Depression- The “It’s really happened” stage.

You realize the situation isn’t going to change. The death or break-up happened and there is nothing to bring the other person back. Acknowledgement of the situation often bring depression. This could be a quiet, withdrawn time as you soak in the situation.

5. Acceptance – The “This is what happened” stage.

Though you haven’t forgotten what happened you are able to begin to move forward.

Suggestions when you find yourself suddenly single

Somehow don’t u find some parts are very true and scary? But i can said that i have been through all the parts, it’s not a good thing but i must says everyone learn from the lesson in life so im not afraid to says it out too, most important we learned from our past mistakes and never ever to repeat in our life again. As what i said.. all were past tense.. what i see is the present and the present continuous tense 🙂

Wawa just had her sterilization, hope she recover wells and if she is good i might bring coco to the super crowded vet for her sterilization too~   ok enough of bullshit story already. It’s time to go for work and visit wawa later tonight~ What a fruitful weekends im going to have 😉 Enjoy your weekend too people~! 🙂

In love, we don’t measure or weigh the other half of yours, because in love everyone is equal.

get well soon hey bro wawa! 🙂 🙂


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