Posted: July 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Moring breakfast: Tuna and corn sandwich
Afternoon lunch: Ya Kun toast
Night Dinner: Garden Salad like only got lettuce and cucumber

No meat today~ No wonder i feel so weak and pale after the run, but nevertheless i run more then the previous time and lactic acid didnt come and find me today, a good run, a good workout and i hope i could follow this rate to keep going and keep going. I just feel like running and work hard but today i was told that my face turn very white and pale so just stop for awhile, felt giddy but at the end when i was bathing i feel SHIOK ! (Like got lose some weight again this week) 😀

I guess no emo or jealousy tonight! Feel great, maybe as u put things lighter, when u don’t think about it, u just told yourself no matter what 1 day it will still be gone, the awkward feeling will just disappear which really helps me to overcome quite some troubles. Plus running can keep u away from negative thoughts too so i guess its really good!

Tomorrow will be a very good day i think! Im wondering how the night will be for tomorrow and just keep my finger crossed to pray for a good good night for the both of us !

Im really very determine to lose weight to lose weight !!! Give me the mentality to overcome my weakness of running please god~

ok gonna go sleep already tomorrow will be a long long day and it’s been so long since im able to catch 8 hours of sleep already.

Love Quote of the day:

The best way to understand love is to love and being loved at the same time.

I guess to love someone is easy, for that someone to love u will be a very difficult task so nowadays people who can really understand love is getting lesser and lesser….

Best Phrase of the day:

Its not about the food or the movie, its the accompany that makes a great great night 😉

Defining Demoralize is my next speech.

Gonna wake up at 10 later ! Goodnight world 🙂


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