Posted: July 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

Some things just couldn’t explain in words. Some feelings just couldn’t described it, it was just simply awesome yet awkward. But still yesterday night was just the best night i ever had in my life! I think it will makes people envy and jealous of me haha! I guess i think too much already~And when i woke up just now.. i still thought i dreaming inside my lala land until the smell and scent in my shirt let me know that its not a dream, i just so wish that the clock just stop and the time just never moved at that moment! It was still so OMGWTFBBQ to me!

Ok back, yesterday i tired to put on my burberry polo tee, and it fits so well already! I think i just wore 1 time and couldnt wear already and yesterday i wore it just fits so nicely on me! This motivates me yet again to do well for exercising and slimming down! And i guess i start to fall in love into running!

I still cant forget yesterday night when the moment i looked into your eyes..


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