I Dont Want To Miss A Thing

Posted: August 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing by Yuna Ito, she was still as great as before and i’m only have full of praises for her, her vocal was real good. 1 of the singer i love the most!

Today 2 person told me 2 things,

1) You don’t need to understand girls, you just have to love her with all your heart.

2) You have to be contented with what you have and what you are experiencing through now.

I guess it’s just how you react to life, sometimes i just feel like saying out everything how i feels, but everytime i thinks that everything would turn nasty, i kept my mouth shut.

Life just feel so bad when you are having a bad day, a bad day and you just so hope a person will be there by your side. And i feels that i have to use lesser of vulgarities when im engaging in conversation but sometimes my job requires me to use it, i can’t stop vulgarities but i would surely minimize the amount of usage or better not in front of you.

I feels I really have a lot of stuffs to voice out but who to share with???

When then can the commitment begins? I’m so worry that by the time, it will be me who cant commit. I just pray the love just go on and on.

I shouldn’t really feels so demoralize because i feel so fortunate now already, too fortunate until I don’t know the things I am doing is correct or wrong. I just want to be inside the comfort zone please.

090810 is an unforgettable night, but 090910 i will try again.

I just hope to be committed and feels committed and secure inside your arms my dear……

Trust are easily built, but once its broken.. there can be no ways to mend it back.

2am and i am still wondering what’s wrong with me. fcuk.


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