Follow Your Heart

Posted: August 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Had a strange dream yesterday night, I don’t know why i can have dreams/nightmare so often, is it because i’m just pure tired or my everyday life is so happening until i gets to think so much in my dream? And i hasn’t got any sweet nice dreams~ all were just plainly scary or sad, until i don’t wanna remember what i had for the previous night, everything just seems so scary….. Hope my dreams won’t came true šŸ˜¦

Last night was really not a good good night, so i decided to went down and jog for a round at 3am~ with a little rain and such quiet ambiance, i just think and reflect what should i do and what i could do to make it better, and of cause to jog and cut down some more fats in me, i guess running around my house every night is a must for me already because time is running out soon, my target are still quite far from what i am having now.. 14kg more to shed before everything ends! I need to cut down asap and be like a game against time now.

Today shall be a good day because i’m staying home doing all the house chores works and tidy up my room, and at night i will be alone doing something which i plan but hope everything turn smoothly please! I always believe that when you failed to plan, you plan to fail. When you fail you will just have that bad feelings that you are the worst which i personally don’t like. And pray for a good late night for me later. Guess i will go run tonight again!

Yesterday a person ask me to follow what my heart tells me, now i would answer back the person this:

“If I were to follow what my heart tells me, I will have to follow her to eternity already.”

Losing weight feel so shiok!

Enjoy the rest of the saturday people.

My dream were really drama mama šŸ˜¦


ā¤ ā¤ ā¤


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