Posted: August 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Since im so free and bored now i shall do some bullshitting session because later at night i will be very bored doing duty already 😀

On a happier note, i have cut down abit of weight again~ its just look so nice when it dropped from 4 to the 3 mark already~ and feels so shiok when my pants are getting loosen and loosen and my clothes are getting bigger and bigger wahahahaha~ and now i definitely has to wear a belt with me wherever i go now ! I guess i have never been so determined before in my life to lose weight, maybe because of i really worry what people might say and laugh in the future and making everything feels so unhappy so losing weight in my top priority now.. i just have to work extra harder and loss extra much then other people ! 10kg cut down in 2 months plus is really a good milestone for me 🙂

Surprise, which girl doesn’t like surprise from any guy? Some girls can never get to enjoy any surprise, some can get surprise every time from their loves and some can get surprise every time because they got too many loves outside already!  But for me i don’t know why i love to surprise people, don’t know it’s a good or bad things hor? And i just like those shock surprise face from people wahahaha~ im just such a pervert~! forget it.

Friday a family dinner that i am looking forward to, tomorrow hopes to go for run, thursday definitely not a day and night to pin forward to. Maybe the temptation outside were really good until i just have to shut my mouth and stop my heart to feels because it only gives me bitter and sour feeling.

I must feel contented because you cant get hold of thing which is not yours, sometimes u have to let it fly, u have to let in run, because at the end of the day everything if it’s yours, it will be in your hand eventually. No point holding to something which it’s not yours and only making both parties unhappy which is NOT GOOD ok! We must learn from our past mistakes and i learn from past lesson. If the day i got to leave, i won’t have any complains and just leave.. That’s life.. you can’t have it perfectly done 🙂

Ok time to go suffer 1 night already~ Amen.


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