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Posted: August 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hi im back~ A very bad news first to say, im fatter by 0.3kg ! That was so WTF to me, and it eventually makes me feel turn off and just brush my teeth after i bath and doesn’t feel like eating anything already! Yes that’s determination and i don’t even wanna care how painful is my gastric now, i just don’t feel like eating and i just want my weight to go down asap, because i’m still in the game of rush and there is no time to wait for it to go down slowly, i have to work double hard before everything’s gone. I just really need to work hard to slim down as much as possible 😦

Back to my Angel topic, it was really good to received such nice gift from you, and good creative makes the 2 little kissing angels and add 1 more angel and make it to a LOVE IS BLIND figurine!

So i guess perhaps this is the correct way to display the angels out!

so nice~ me like! and placing it beside my monitor makes me turn and see the angels for every 5 minutes because whenever i see the angels, i feel that u were just beside me πŸ™‚

Yesterday when doing duty, i watched Valentine’s Day again, but this time when i watched, i can feel that you could learn quite a lot of useful stuffs inside the movie, what the cast says in the movie, what does true love meant to them, and best is the plot is set on a day of things that happened, i hope i will have the time to watch the 3rd time again πŸ™‚ And hopefully able to catch some of the love quotes they gave during the show and post at my blog… hmm good idea!

Maybe because what had happened in the past, really reflect me hard in my life now, sometimes i choose not to go think but always the same mindset came back i really don’t know why, those feeling of insecure and so call low self-esteem came back again. Sometimes life can just make u feel so damm insecure, especially things that happen around you and the way how people do things, i really don’t know when i can really truly feel secured in the net of love.

As for low self-esteem, its needless to say, a fat ugly shorty guy like me surely will have the feeling, maybe it’s when u feel insecure u feel low self-esteem is it? Sometimes i just wanna feel carefree but sometimes my heart just don’t feel the same, i just don’t wish to be the fool again.

Guess such a bad night, surely not a good day tomorrow too. I hope someone can just come and enlighten me, i know what i am thinking was wrong but fact just let me think that much… Nightmare please don’t come and visit me tonight, i am very tired after running so much today, please nightmare i really scare of nightmare already 😦

Tell me, Whats the difference between LIES and TRUTH THAT WERE NEVER TOLD ? found through google and found some example…

“It is hard to believe that a man is telling the truth when you know that you would lie if you were in his place.” – Ya sometimes i feel if i were in that person shoe.. i will lie too.

Make yourself an honest man, and then you may be sure there is one less rascal in the world.” – Lying makes one person feel like a rascal.

A half truth is a whole lie.” – Sometimes we just want the whole truth, because half truth is also consider a lie.

With lies you may get ahead in the world – but you can never go back. ” – You can lie now but you can never go back and wish you didn’t lie.

“We tell lies when we are afraid… afraid of what we don’t know, afraid of what others will think, afraid of what will be found out about us.Β  But every time we tell a lie, the thing that we fear grows stronger.” – This surely knock some sense into me !

and last but not least,

Always tell the truth.Β  If you can’t always tell the truth, don’t lie.” – Doesn’t need anymore elaboration.

I feel that my morning was a bad one, and night suddenly become worst, but at least i learn something, never try to lie to the person you love, if can’t tell the truth, at least don’t lie, trust is very important to me, if i really ever to doubt someone, that one will be a very unlucky jinx you can ever find. A lie could never bring back a love.

I can bet i’m sure to have nightmare tonight. Again this uneasy insecure feeling is back with me.

Goodnight World 😦



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