The Last Surprise

Posted: August 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

Firstly i had a dream last night, but guess it wasn’t important at all to me anymore. Had an accident early in the morning after the hangover of the dream, but feels that there should be no problem because the cab driver didn’t call me up today, god bless me to take away bad dreams so i could concentrate driving, and because today morning kiss the butt bang, i really don’t dare to keep msg when driving in case any bad things happened again.. once bitten twice shy !

Today i guess i am really having a bad day, it was so bad til i become stupid and do a stupid thing and cause some deep unhappiness. Guess maybe it’s a way that god wants me to know, it’s time for me to slowly leave already. But loving you is like gambling, the more i love you the more i’m addicted to you, just like how a punter gets addictive when they punt. Leaving was never an easy task, but i did wrote that i will love u til the day u don’t need me. If the day has come, i will slowly vanish from you.

The last surprise, i name the box the last surprise because everything just strike my mind suddenly and suddenly i can feel the angels giving me the guidance and the way to source for everything, from the box, the petals, the card, the cake, the tea bag and lastly the sincerity of heart from me. I know it’s useless and the whole thing doesn’t feel a success, maybe the angels were crying when they saw my disappointed face when i got home. Angels Angels… Tell me… Enlighten me… I tried everything I could, is it i really have to let go?

To her: Im truly sorry, sorry for the things i have done, sorry that it’s time to leave you, spreading your wings wide out in search for a better tomorrow.

You will never learn to cherish if you didn’t lose anything, today i dare say to myself, being with u didn’t let me lose anything, but in fact you let me know where the sunshine is.

She’s always on my mind
From the time I wake up,
Till I close my eyes.
She’s everywhere I go
She’s all I know.

And though she’s so far away,
It just keeps getting stronger everyday
And even now she’s gone
I’m still holding on

So tell me, where do I start
‘Coz it’s breakin’ my heart
Don’t wanna let her go

Maybe my love will come back someday
Only heaven knows
And maybe our hearts will find a way
But only heaven knows
And all I can do is hope & pray
‘Coz heaven knows.

My friends keep telling me
That if you really love her,
You’ve gotta set her free
And if she returns in time
I’ll know she’s mine

But tell me, where do I start
‘Coz it’s breakin’ my heart
Don’t wanna let her go

‘Coz heaven knows
Why I live in despair
‘Coz wide awake or dreamin’,
I know she’s never there
And all the time I act so brave,
I’m shakin’ inside
Why does it hurt me so?

Heaven knows…. Heaven knows….

can i undo my wrong?

PS: I hope to see the new dress, new heels & the new bag tomorrow… i just………………………..


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